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Client: Cerberus Capital Management/Last Call Operating Company

Private Equity Contract HR Assignment

Last Call Operating Company emerged from it's initial bankruptcy in March 2014. Newly appointed CEO and CAO started to process of turning around the business. CAO, Stephanie Medley began to search for senior level Human Resources talent to join the executive team, lead with the business turnaround and re-build the Human Resources function.

Progressive HR Strategies was hired to take on the challenge initially as a Contract HR Assignment. Perry Sholes was the HR Contractor assigned and immediately began to tackle the many challenges:

  • Affordable Healthcare Law was to be implemented starting January 1, 2015.
  • Complete analysis of where to locate the corporate office to rebuild the leadership team and maximize the impact on the company resale efforts.
  • Operations Management Bonus program needed to be revamped as it continued to payout as the business moved into bankruptcy.
  • Rebuild the Executive Team and the corporate support teams once the new office location was determined.
  • Maintain and re-build the company culture!
  • Lastly, lead an understaffed and under resourced human resources team.