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Develop Your Leaders

Our Leadership Development Services

Mid-Level and Senior Level Leaders suffer from constant pressure to produce results. They receive very little attention to their care and nurturing as key leaders within their companies. In fact, given the scope of their roles in companies, these leaders should get the most development. There are many impactful and effective development resources for this level of leadership development:

  • Myers Briggs Assessments (MBTI)
  • 360 Feedback
  • Employee Engagement Results
  • Focused and targeted job assignments with clear outcomes
  • Special Projects with clear outcomes and support systems

Transparency of Opportunities for Growth

Our Consulting Services

Employees at all levels should know what it takes and how to move up within the company. If the process is a closely held secret or you have to be in with the IN Krewe to get promoted, then the culture will suffer from the lack of transparency!

Development Cultures HAVE:

  • Clearly defined paths or processes for growth within the company.
  • Open discussions about performance and effective leadership qualities.
  • Tough  discussions that challenge and support growth.
  • Performance metrics and discussions are evaluated constantly.

Validate the Culture

Our Culture Training Services

Many companies and leaders assume the Mission and Values statements on the wall are working because they are on the wall and “it’s what we stand for”?

How often do you have One-on-Ones with the lowest level people?
How safe is it to shared a contrary position or opinion within the company?
Do you talk with the families of your employees? If so, what are THEY saying about the company?
In companies where nurturing the Culture is not a priority, darker, misguided, unwanted actions and behaviors can take over. It’s important to invest time to validating on a regular basis. Employee Engagement surveys
Employee Round tables
Employee Hotlines trends