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Organization Effectiveness & Self Development

Myers Briggs (MBTI)

Myers Briggs is a very effective tool for both organizations and individuals. It’s a proven personal development, personal discovery and awareness building resource.


  • Discover your Executive Team’s collective preferences: for decision making, innovation, communication, etc.
  • MBTI can be used effectively to discover where you as the leader and your team’s blind spots, typical responses under stress, etc.
  • Identify the preferences of the members of your project team so they can be leveraged to make the team more effective.


  • Personal discovery can be fun and challenging at the same time. MBTI can add clarity and answer many questions you have about yourself and others around you.
  • MBTI can help you to improve relationships through better understanding your preferred ways and how those actions can cause conflict with others.

We are experienced in using MBTI in both corporate settings for team building at various levels within the company as well as individual coaching of HiPo talent and/or developing leaders.


Myers Briggs Type Indicator & Leadership Development

Myers Briggs and Leadership Development: This is a series of full day sessions that each has a deep dive in a key leadership developments area:

These Sessions Vary in Length

  • The session can be customized for your organization. Contact Us for more details and to discuss your project.