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Harassment Prevention Training

Training in this area is critical no matter the size for your organization. Being proactive and purposeful about the kind of culture you want requires day to day attention in this area.

Our focus to be candid about who owns harassment prevention within a company, Everyone! We design content with a mixture of policy review, your processes, polling the session attendees, case studies and real-life experience from a Facilitator with years of experience getting to contextual issues of harassment and conflict.

  • Custom designed around your policies and procedures.
  • Separate session for Supervisors/Senior Leaders vs. Hourly/Staff employees to drive home critical harassment and culture messages.
  • Open discussion on what is Harassment (Title 7) vs. workplace conflicts that are not illegal.
  • Implications of workplace bullying and long held inappropriate workplace practices.
  • Cost to team, organization and company when not addressed.
  • Supervisor responsibilities; both legal and culturally.
  • Why harassment-free culture is good for everyone.
  • Call all Employees to Action – Own the company culture!

We have the  experience and expertise to help you stay engaged and out front on this matter.

Contact us for custom designed program specific to your company culture!

Our Custom Design Process

Harassment-Info-Only-1 Harassment Prevention - Our Custom Build