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Organization Effectiveness & Leadership Development

360 Feedback

360 Feedback is a very effective leadership development tool for both organizations and individuals. It’s a proven personal development, personal discovery and awareness building resource.

Organizations: High Potential Talent Development

  • Elevate your commitment to the development of your talent pipeline by using 360.
  • 360 can be used effectively to help an executive discover where they blind spots, leadership challenges, communication gaps, strengths and disconnects with senior leaders on what’s critical.


  • 360 Feedback can be very stressful process, but it’s worth all the effort if the individual embraces the overall process.
  • With a 360 expert to help analyze the feedback data and solid coach to help determine what’s most critical, the individual can be rewarded with a powerful opportunity to grow and develop.

We are experienced in using Profilor 360 tool in corporate settings for various levels of talent within the company.

Let us help you develop a plan for your key talent.