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Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Human Resources

Presenter: Perry Sholes, SHRM-SCP, SPHR – President of Progressive HR Strategies Inc

  • This Session/s begins with an overview of psychological type.
  • Each person will use Table exercise to identify their TYPE.
  • The Attendees use Polling software to enter TYPE & Establish Group Type
  • Introduce the Concept of Optionally Balanced Culture
  • Using Table Exercise the Table Groups
  • Tables assume they are a Management Company or HR Department, work through an assessment of how Balanced the culture of their team?
  • Discuss what approaches can the team deploy to become more balanced.
  • Following that is a review of the eight preferences of psychological type—what they look like on a balanced culture and how they might affect it.
  • Lastly the group will look at the various aspects of HR Departments and where they fall within MBTI.


Workshop Objectives

This workshop is designed to enable participants to

  • Introduction of Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Understand the sixteen MBTI Types
  • Understand the importance of optimally balanced culture
  • Identify the implications of an imbalanced culture
  • Develop strategies for enhancing decisions that impact the balance of the company culture
  • Identify the nature of Human Resources work and responsibilities, where those task fall on the balanced organization chart


Workshop Target and Timing

  • The is a public workshop for professional Human Resources Groups
  • SHRM Monthly Meeting or SHRM Conference
  • This is a 45 – 90 Minute session.


It is designed for use with groups or teams, so it is not dependent on participants’ knowing each other in advance.