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Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Leader Problem Solving

Presenter: Perry Sholes, SHRM-SCP, SPHR – President of Progressive HR Strategies Inc


Overview of the Workshop:

The Leader Problem Solving workshop is designed to present leaders with a comprehensive approach to problem solving based on the principles of psychological type. The exercises allow participants to select one complex problem from their own sphere of leadership for use as a practical learning tool to illustrate the model presented here. The stages of the model include setting up the problem, listening for differences and maximizing perceptions, recognizing biases, reframing problems as part of a system, and managing the problem. Throughout this module, we will explore the role of psychological type in perceptions of the nature of problems and how to go about addressing them.


Session Objectives: 

When participants have completed this module they should be able to:

  • Clearly identify key processes that promote productive problem solving
  • Understand that a more comprehensive problem solving model requires both rational and non-rational processes for analyzing and selecting solutions
  • See how psychological type plays into the contributions and potential barriers involved in leading groups through problem solving
  • Develop strategies to help identify information-selection tendencies among the types and promote information that is often ignored
  • Identify biases and attain increased freedom from their influence
  • See problem solving as a process of managing problems by maximizing the various perspectives of group members within a systems frame work
  • Understand the role of leaders in creating an effective problem-solving setting



Participants must take the MBTI personality inventory and have their results interpreted by a professional before attending the workshop.


Who Should Attend:

  • Perfect for professionals at all levels within an organization; individual contributors and leaders with direct reports.
  • Professionals who manage cross functional teams.
  • In-Tact Teams, looking to improve the problem solving, team dynamics, communications and outcomes.


Customized program to your organization:

  • Full Day session
  • Multiple Half-Day Series