Production Manager

Kansas City, MO

Coffee Production Environment

General Responsibilities:

  • Run all day to day operations, ensuring all orders are produced on time and to the highest quality and safety standards. Non-negotiable Daily Process Include:
    • Working on the floor with fellow team members in order to keep work flow moving
    • Schedule all production with leads, set them up for success in their departments
    • Ability to operate and provide minor repairs to machinery as they fail or need maintenance
    • Ensure all product is packed correctly and with 100% accuracy daily
    • Suggest and implement improvements to the operations to increase efficiency; improve the operation to make work proactive rather than reactive
    • Perform or oversee all daily admin tasks, including all scheduling
    • Train new personnel on company standards, procedures and processes
    • Solves problems to root cause
    • Interacts with other department leaders in healthy manner
    • Works with Ops Manager to develop and implement productivity standards
    • Problem solving and employee engagement and development
    • Understand and drive monthly and quarterly bonus metrics; flex’s employees to production to decrease Cents per Pound
    • Flex resources in production or to shipping as work varies day to day
    • Ability to meet or beat all measurables for success on a daily basis


  • Oversee all aspects in the production of finished product
  • Promote a healthy team environment by teaching and coaching employees
  • Discipline employees as necessary, using the 4 step methodology: Verbal coaching, written coaching, written warning, termination
  • Evaluate employees for their overall performance and ability to contribute. Ensure team is well balanced to able to flex
  • Ability to work with Shipping Supervisor to produce finished product with a target goal of 100% error free
  • Provide daily schedules to all employees and has the ability to be an inspiring leader able to achieve the best performance from employees
  • Must have general understanding of excel spreadsheets and be comfortable working with a computer for 15% of the day

Process Ownership:

  • Understands and owns all HACCP guidelines and requirements. Lives them day to day
  • Understands the process flow in the production of food/coffee
  • Knows or learns how to Roast, Blend, Package and Ship Coffee
  • Smooth startups; each day should have been invested in the day before and prepped for success
  • Productivity Standards by Area. Train employees to flex to eliminate bottlenecks. Tear down all area silo’s
  • Smooth shift end (you leave after the last production employee)
  • Backfill positions missing (cross training)
  • Work with Ops Manager and Production personnel to develop process standards for efficiency and smooth bottleneck transitions
  • Shelf life management
  • Able to follow Lean Process Management
  • Enforce FIFO
  • Understands and enforces cold storage methodology
  • Build 5S – from clean floors to order picking flow
  • Understand and support the RMA process

HR Functions

  • Works with Ops Manager to discipline employees as necessary, using the 4-step method: Verbal Coaching, Written Coaching, Written Warning, Termination
  • Works with Ops Manager to develop/fully utilize employees or eliminate them


  • Maintain department moral, emphasizing Team
  • Owns the culture of the department
  • Develop and enforce work schedules for all employees that support an 8 hour work day. Focus employees on hitting metrics to increase bonus payouts rather than OT
  • Model work ethic expected of employees

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