Which of these 3 is most relevant for your business today?

Talent Optimization

Progressive HR is the first HR agency certified in Talent Optimization in the New Orleans area.


Every good business has a strategy that demands results. What stands between success and failure is in the hands of its people. Talent optimization is a discipline that provides business leaders with a framework and tools to design culture, roles and teams that maximize business results.

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Outsourced HR

We love solving Human Capital challenges. From Start - Up companies looking to have an HR Expert available to them as they grow, to an established business that needs help with HR Leadership transition, or business in need of strategic review of the HR Function

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Training and Development

Progressive HR Strategies is a Consulting company with significant corporate experience. Primary focus is engaging leaders to drive meaningful changes and to help improve your business results through human capital initiatives.

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Our Thoughts on Leadership's Impact on the Culture...

It's all about Culture! We believe Leaders at every level of an organization have to understand that culture is about every day life at work. Your culture is defined by how and who you hire, what happens on an employee's first day, your policies or lack there of, who gets promoted and why, etc. By the way,  the "unwritten culture" may be stronger that the stuff like mission and values on the wall!
The foundation of our work is understanding the culture you wish to create and then working to help you create that culture through all things human capital related.
If you are not intentional and purposeful about the culture you want, that's what you will get!
Drucker on Culture

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